Maps and map-making are as old as civilization and as contemporary as satellite navigation. We use maps in our daily lives, and we are fascinated by views from above. In this workshop participants will explore the world of maps and aerial views and play with color, line and shape. The artist will demonstrate how she uses the techniques of strip piecing, fine line piecing and fused applique to create her textile maps. Each participant will design their own original map to suit their imagination, and construct it in fabric, using the techniques mentioned above. Text may also be incorporated, if desired. Quilting may be started in the class but will probably need to be finished at home, and instructions will be provided.
Alicia Merrett Bio: 
“My passion is color, which I enhance with line and texture, and express in my quilts. My best known series is about quilted maps and aerial views. I believe maps have an irresistible appeal, even in these days of satellite navigation. Map making is an ancient and fundamental part of mankind’s need to understand the world. The way I create maps involves improvisational cutting, piecing, collaging, and bonding hand-dyed fabrics, and the resulting piece is enhanced with quilting. Sometimes I also incorporate text. These are the techniques I teach.

More recently I found a new way of expressing my love of photography and computer design, and my current textile work is now a form of digital collage, printed on fabric and stitched. My piece in Quilt National’21 reflects my new method of working. 

Born in Argentina, I have been living in the UK since the 1960s, and quilting since the 1990s. My work is in private and public collections, and has been featured in exhibitions, books and magazines all over the world. See more of my work on:” 


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