Sauber Gallery Fund

We are working to improve your experience for exhibitions here at the Dairy Barn Arts Center.  Our plan is to get new carpet, new sound system, a panel system that will stand tall and give us additional options for exhibitions and more high efficiency lighting fixtures.  Your contribution will only go for the Gallery Fund and not the bigger capital campaign fund.  All donors will be recognized at what ever level you decide to give.

One new panel costs around $1000.

One new light with fixture costs around $100.

A hundred square foot of carpet costs around $200.

Please help with what you can! The Dairy Barn Arts Center was saved and continues today with people helping with what they can.  Help today, as soon as we raise the funds, we can do the improvements.

If you would prefer to send a check, mark in the memo line “Gallery Fund”

Thank you for your support and all contributions are tax-deductible.

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Thank you for donating to The Barn!
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