Ceramic Studio Membership Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I see these changes implemented?

These revisions also come with a commitment to a more standardized billing process than has been previously employed with Open Studio fees. Invoices for a completed quarter will be issued via email by the 7th day of the first month of the next quarter. Payment will be due in full by the 30th day of the first month of the next quarter. (For example, an individual invoice for the member’s studio use, glazing and firing fees for the 1st QTR, Jan. – Mar. will be issued April 7th. The due date for payment will be April 30th.)

I am an existing member, is there anything I need to do to update my membership?

New Ceramic Open Studio Orientation/Membership Agreement forms have been created to reflect these changes. I will be asking existing members to fill out and sign these new versions. This can be done via email/PDF if that’s easiest for you, or I can put a paper copy on your member shelf for the next time you visit the studio.

Also, at the end of the 3rd QTR, I will be using your studio shelf and locker usage at that time to generate your 4th QTR invoice. If you would like to make any changes to your shelf space or locker rental, please plan to do so before the last day of the Quarter, Sept. 30th.

What happens if I forget or miss the payment deadline of my quarterly invoice?

If no payment has been received by the 30th of the month deadline, you will receive one reminder email. If no payment has been received by the following week (the 7th day of the second month of the new Quarter) studio access may be restricted and your designated shelf cleared of items so it can be available for new members. It is with great reluctance that any member artwork gets disposed of, but if nothing has been heard from a member with an outstanding balance by the start of the next Quarter, items may no longer be available for retrieval. If a financial circumstance prevents you from paying your studio invoice, please contact The Dairy Barn immediately to see what arrangements can be made. kelly@dairybarn.org or 740-592-4981.

How will the required volunteer time be arranged?

Quarterly volunteer days will still be scheduled for folks who would like to participate in a guided, collective volunteer effort. However, there will also be a new binder in the studio of volunteer jobs and directions for accomplishing them. This will allow members to complete volunteer time in the studio whenever they like. Volunteer time will be recorded in the binder by members themselves, honor system style. More details on this will be forthcoming.

What else is new?

Starting in the 4th Quarter, we will also be implementing a revised firing and glaze fee system. There are no increases in the glaze and firing rate, but with a year’s worth of understanding how members use studio glazes and firing options, we feel we can accurately streamline the system to make its use easier for everyone. (Fewer firing slips! Less weighing to do!) More details on this will follow in a subsequent email.

I’m a senior or student. Can I use my $25.00 Dairy Barn Membership to access the studio?

Unfortunately, no. Open Studio access requires an Individual Dairy Barn membership or higher including the Household, Sustaining or Patron level.

I do my ceramic work at home and just want to bring my pieces in to be fired, what is required for me?

Individuals who do not need designated shelf space to store their work, tools, etc. can waive the Studio Use Fee. However an Individual Annual Membership is still required, as well as the agreement to cover all Applicable Glaze and Firing Fees. Necessary open studio time to just use Dairy Barn glazes is also included. Volunteer time is not required but would certainly be welcome and appreciated.

I would really like to access Open Studio, but I find these required fees too expensive. Do I have any other options?

The Dairy Barn Arts Center is dedicated to providing access to the arts for all members of our community. Contact myself, kelly@dairybarn.org or Education Director, lyn@dairybarn.org or by phone 740-592-4981 and we will see if arrangements can be made through extra volunteer time, sponsorship or other options.

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