Image Transfer onto Fabric, Quilted T-Shirt Memories & Fiber Project Labels: #FA003

July 28 
Image Transfer onto Fabric Class with Danette Pratt, QN 2017
Quilted T-Shirt Memories with Mary Roediger
Fiber Project Labels
with Meta Van Nostran
Catalog #FA003


Danette Pratt is an artist whose work spans the boundaries between painting, drawing and tactile material process. She has interests in memorialized objects and looks at what triggers a spontaneous remembrance. She researches family connections and the formation of early childhood experience and how those memories are triggered with the senses – touch, smell, seeing, hearing, place and environment.  She enjoyed a professional career as a Biological Illustrator and Graphic Artist and was the educational and research publication support for Ohio University Medical College and Life Science faculty for almost 30yrs. During that time, she pursued personal work in fiber, fabric (dye and embellishment), clay sculpture and designed an art doll collection under the name of SeriouslySickSocks™ (zombie sock monkeys and classic monsters). She is a field artist, self taught naturalist and enjoys working outside and living at her country studio in Athens County, Southeastern Ohio.

Mary Roediger has been sewing since she secretly (and disobediently) taught herself to work her mother’s treadle machine.  She has experimented with nearly every technique involving needles, thread, yarns, fibers, and fabrics and has an affinity for natural fibers.  Mixed media and memory projects are special passions.  Mary is a published author, with articles in past issues of Sew News and Stitch magazines as well as the Ohio 4-H Clothing Project book – em – bel – lish: A Guide to Wearable Art.  Mary, owner of Sew True Designs Studio, is a coutière with over 25 years of experience in garment design and creation. She is a Certified Master Clothing Educator in the Ohio 4-H Program, under the auspices of Ohio State University, which gives her many opportunities to impart her skill and love of sewing to interested children. Mary is currently the Ohio State Director of Make It with Wool, a contest provided by the American Sheep Industry Association to promote the design and creation of wool apparel

Meta Van Nostran has had a career of teaching, exhibiting, and speaking as a home economics teacher, curriculum supervisor and assistant professor at Ohio University.  She has competed, winning awards in The Ohio State Fair, NQA, Bob Evans Quilt Show, and several local NQA judged quilt shows.  In retirement, she is presently owner of the Wool & Quilting Experience, offering trunk shows to small groups, quilt conservation and restoration, quilting and spinning instruction, and recently self-published two books recording quilts and stories from Athens area quilters while providing the history of a time period as learned through quilts.  She is also currently involved in two research projects, Redwork and Changes in the Lives of Women, and, the Impact of the Fine Arts on Quilt Designs of the early 20th century.

Start your day at 9am with a coffee & tea mixer.
Morning presentation/class: Image Transfer onto Fabric Class with Danette Pratt, QN 2017

This workshop will teach you 2 ways to transfer laser printouts onto fabric. Participants will experiment with image transfer onto cotton fabric/knit fabric and are encouraged to bring a tee shirt and image to try this technique.  If time permits, we may try some other materials to transfer on to.
This class uses solvents.
All supplies are provided including Chartpak™ felt tip blender AD markers, bottles of Citra Solve™ Cleaner, soft brushes, plastic scrapers, rolls of artist/painters masking tape, access to toner scanner/copier, access to toner laser printer, scissors, card board covered with plastic (to use as separators for front/back of t-shirt), rubber gloves, and assorted images for transfers for those who do not bring images.
Danette will show examples and demonstrate solvents and how to use them. Participants will experiment with solvents on multi surfaces before transferring personal image onto t-shirt they brought to class.  There will be notes & class discussion.

As we break for a box lunch, you can peruse the Mary Morgan Quilt Sale and the Marbaum Collection. You may pick a vegetarian or non-vegetarian box lunch when you register.* (Form below)

Afternoon presentation/workshop: Quilted T-Shirt Memories with Mary Roediger
All of those keepsake t-shirts can find a better use than taking up drawer space!  Concert tees, sports, 5-Ks, volunteer shirts, logos, can all be turned into a presentation of memories.  Mary will present the process of selecting, take you through the steps of layout, stabilization and then provide studio work time to oversee and guide participants as they begin the actual work.  Your finished squares could become a full size quilt, lap quilt or pillow top, depending on the amount of t-shirts you have!
This class is considered advanced beginner sewing skill level (but appropriate for sewers of higher skill levels) – Participants are expected to be able to operate a sewing machine on their own and be able to work independently following sewing room safety practices.
Optional: Participants may bring their own machines with quarter-inch foot [recommended] or all-purpose foot and two bobbins. This may be helpful if you intend to finish a larger quilt at home, so that your stitch selection and tension can be set in class.
Each participant must bring at least 3 t-shirts that will be cut, interfaced, and sewn together to create a block for a pillow [participants are welcome to bring additional shirts if they are planning to create a quilt], and matching all-purpose sewing thread.
These supplies and tools will be provided: 8 sewing machines, rotary cutters with straight edge blade, cutting mat as well as regular sewing tools, note paper, pencils/pens, see-through gridded ruler, fabric shears, sewing scissors, neutral [black, white, tan, grey, navy] colors of all-purpose sewing thread, 2 ironing boards, 2 steam irons, press cloths, fusible weft interfacing and a design wall to pin or stick t-shirt squares to.
A printed handout that will cover highlights of the instructor’s notes as well as information to obtain additional interfacing recommended will be provided.
Mary will present photos, examples and some of the instructor’s projects. We will discuss reasons to create a memory quilt using t-shirts. You will explore some layouts  and review  basic color theory. There will be discussion of preparation of t-shirts and what to do with stains and holes. Mary will show samples of different types of interfacing and how they affect the t-shirt fabric and discuss results of not interfacing. Participants will work with their own t-shirts – plan / prep / cut / interface / sew. At the end of class, we will display our quilt blocks on the design wall / discuss results / talk about batting, quilting, and backing choices  Participants will go away with – one quilt block or pillow top, remainder of their 1/2 – 3/4 yard interfacing, handout and their notes.

We will break for dinner on your own, then return from 6 to 8 for another workshop!

Evening Presentation/class: Fiber Project Labels with Meta Van Nostran
Quilts and many other fiber art projects are usually slow, intense projects that once finished, are a jubilation.  In the excitement, we often forget to provide valuable provenance that identifies the date of completion, name of the artist, and other information that might be of value decades later.  Participants will make a fabric label using Word, ready to sew onto one of their recent projects.
All supplies are provided including a computer with access to the Internet, ink jet printer, iron, permanent markers in a variety of colors, one fabric sheet for printing labels and paper & pencil for planning.
In this workshop, participants will make labels for quilts and other fiber projects to record the quilt maker(s), date of completion and to provide provenance.  You will plan your label with basic information and story.  On the computer, you will add borders and print it out. Finish with handstitches and other flourishes and it is ready for your fiber project!
Meta will help you plan your label with basic information and encourage the telling of story. You will be shown how to use text box and word art in Word, and how to incorporate a border in Publisher.  You will finish using fusible and hand stitches.
Each participant will make their own label.

July 28 Recap:
Coffee & Tea Mixer in the AEP room, 9am
9:30 to 11:30 Image Transfer Workshop will take place in the AEP Wing
Box Lunch provided, 11:30 to 12:30 at the Barn
Memory Quilt Workshop in the Fiber Studio, 12:30 to 4:30
We will break for dinner on our own 6-8
Labels Workshop will be in the AEP Wing
Cost: $120.00 ($108 for members)

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