Private: #B254 Woven Beaded Earrings

April 28, 2020

Instructor: Lyn Stanton
Online Only
Tuesday, April 28

Beaded Earrings are always in style.  This technique has been used by many cultures, “the brick stitch” is a free-form beading stitch, as in no loom required.  In this online guided session, Lyn will use large pony beads to demonstrate the technique and explain how to design a successful pattern.  The demonstration will use a simple pattern, but once you get the hang of it, you can explore much more complicated designs!

You will need:

-Beads! Traditionally this technique calls for seed beads.  These are very small and can be hard for beginners, so choose a bead size you feel you can work with comfortably to get the hang of the technique.

-Beading needles – You need a needle that can easily pass through the bead several times with thread.  I recommend using actual beading needles.  You may want to also purchase some needle threaders as beading needles’ eyes are VERY small, and can be hard to thread.

Thread – I like nylon beading thread.  It is very thin and very strong.  Regular sewing thread will not be strong enough.

To make a pattern, you will want some special “brick pattern” graph paper.  Download HERE, and some colored pencils.

Special Note: This sort of work requires a steady hand and either good up-close vision (or corrective lenses), or I recommend using a magnifying lamp.

To register, fill out the form below.  You will get a confirmation email with a “practice link” think of it like going to an empty chatroom.  Then about an hour before the actual class, registration online will close and registrants will receive a new link to join the “live” class.


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