Summer Art Camp 2020 @ Home

Packages are hand addressed to each individual child and contain:
● 2 engaging art-making activities.
● All the materials to complete each activity minus commonly used items that will be in the camper’s “Welcome Boxes”.
● Extra activity suggestions.
● Links to a “more to explore” set of kid-safe websites.
● Additional enrichment materials.

We’ve created 16 theme packages you can order online and pick up from the Barn weekly through the summer to keep your camper entertained, engaged, and learning at home.

How it WORKS: You can sign your camper up for as few or as many packages as you want.  Theme packages will be available for pickup or delivery on a weekly schedule.  On the Saturday before each Theme week from 1:00-3:00, we will have packages for campers boxed and ready.  Cars can drive up to the Dairy Barns front doors and pick up their packages from a Dairy Barn employee, or retrieve them from a designated walk-up area.  We will follow all health and safety best practices and recommendations including gloves and masks, and packages will be prepared and sealed for 48 hours before pickup.  Each package is designed to be used by one camper.

Materials: Regardless of how many packages your caper receives, upon the first order, each camper will receive a “welcome box” filled with brand new art-making materials that will be used repeatedly through the summer and your camper can keep to-use on her or his own projects! Then, each Theme Package will further contain the materials specific to each project.

Package Deals Member RateDiscount Package Deals Non-Member RateDiscount
Single Theme Package$40 Single Theme Package$45 
2 Theme Packages$75-$52 Theme Packages$85-$5
8 Theme Packages$300-$208 Theme Packages$340-$20
16 Theme Packages$600-$4016 Theme Packages$675-$45

Packages and Pick Up Schedule

Pick Up Date

Theme Package #

Saturday, May 30th for the week of June 1-5

#1 Art of Our Appalachian Woods

#2 Art Outside

Saturday, June 6 for the Week of June 8-12

#3 What A Circus

#4 Puppets!

Saturday, June 13 for the Week of June 15-19

#5 Rainforests

#6 Deserts

Saturday, June 20 for the Week of June 22-26

#7 Greenland

#8 Iceland

Saturday, June 27 for the Week of June 29 – July 3

#9 Wizards

#10 Fables and Fairy Tales

Saturday, June 27 for the Week of Week of July 6-10
**Special Note! Due to the Holiday, pick up for these packages will be one week early

#11 Australia 

#12 New Zealand 

Saturday, July 11 for the Week of July 13-17

#13 Weaving

#14 Sewing and String Art

Saturday, July 11 for the Week of July 13-17

#15 Mystical Mermaids

#16 Ocean Adventurers: Pirates and Explorers

Packages and Pick Up Schedule Details

Week 1: Package Pick Up Saturday, May 30th for the week of June 1-5

Package #1 Art of Our Appalachian Woods

Home Sweet Home!  Our Southeastern Ohio home offers the inspiration for a rich culture of art-making.  Activities combine camper observations and some truly unique and exciting ways of making art. Campers will explore the attributes of different native plants, learn about creating images of Appalachian mountains, and more in this package celebrating life in beautiful Appalachia. 

Package #2 Art Outside

Campers are invited to step outside (with your help of course!) and soak in the beauty of nature–Check out those Trees!  What incredible clouds!  Smell that freshly cut grass!  Campers will create there own about outdoor nature installations like the famous Artist Andy Goldsworthy as they learn different ways to make art outside, and observe some art that nature has created!

Week 2: Package Pick Up Saturday, June 6 for the Week of June 8-12

Both themes in these packages have long histories as entertaining and educating visual art forms.  They rise above language barriers to provide beautiful, weird, exciting visual images.  In our Circus theme, campers will explore both dreamy 2-dimensional representations of circus life and they’ll have the chance to practice some circus-related movements and juggling!  Puppets are next and campers will have the chance to create a couple of different types of puppets as well as explore the art of storytelling.

Package #3 What a Circus! 

What is entertaining? Human skills and daring acts. Incredible animals. Humor, laughter, general goofiness. The beauty of the circus lies in its purely visual nature, with no language barriers to slow it down. Learn about Artist Marc Chagal and his “Le Cirque series” while making a colorful picture with oil pastels, and practice tumbling and juggling and more!

Package #4 Puppets

Puppetry is an ancient form of theater that may even date back to 3,000 B.C. Puppets are figures—animal, human, abstract—that are manipulated or used by human hands, not by mechanical means. Puppets can be found all over the world in various forms: hand puppets, Marionettes, stick puppets, shadow puppets, and finger puppets. Puppets are an amazing and fun way to convey a story to an audience. All the worlds a stage!  Or at least, the whole house can be!  Campers will learn about different kinds of puppets and make a variety of storytelling puppet theater projects!

Week 3: Package Pick Up Saturday, June 13 for the Week of June 15-19

Rainforests and Deserts. Two very diverse and unique biomes. What is astonishing is their

interconnectedness. Campers will be given the chance to explore each ecosystem, delving its

plant life, its indispensable place in our world, and the animals that depend on its continuing

existence. With a mind towards conservation, each project included in these packages gives

campers a unique view of the extraordinary beauty and vitality of rainforests and deserts.

Package #5 Rainforests 

Explore carbon-capturing trees like the mighty Kapok Tree, created beautiful mixed media images of animals, and learn how rainforests affect the whole world!

Package #6 Deserts

Special air-dry clay will allow kids to make incredible cacti and they will learn about famous artist Georgia O’Keef and create amazing desert landscapes, and more to explore! 

Week 4: Package Pick Up Saturday, June 20 for the Week of June 22-26

Greenland and Iceland are places of great magic and wild beauty.  Settled centuries ago they each were influenced greatly by the Vikings but have very different indigenous people.  Campers will be given the opportunity to explore The Northern Lights, the wildlife that populates each island, and the beautiful yet functional artifacts used by people hundreds of years ago.

Package #7 Greenland 

Airdry clay snow goggles and watercolor narwhals!  Campers will explore the ancient cultures of the Inuit People Native to Greenland!

Package #8 Iceland Fleeing political upheaval and later Viking raids, Irish monks are believed to have been the first to arrive in Iceland as temporary settlers, sometime between the seventh and ninth centuries. From the Aurora Borealis to a look at the native wildlife, there is tons to do in this dynamic pack!

Week 5: Package Pick Up Saturday, June 27 for the Week of June 29 – July 3

Package #9 Wizards! 

Always a favorite week of Art Camp at the Dairy Barn, Wizards packages will be full of magic and mystery!  Our young wizards will be assigned some homework from wizarding school and will have the chance to create magic wands, create spells, and practice conjuring some cool art!  Watch out for those spell books, they bite!

Package #10 Fables and Fairy Tales

Campers will create royal crowns and craft their own fabulous fables.  We also invite folks this week to put homemade fairy houses on the Ora Anderson trail for hikers to enjoy all season!  We hope that at the end of the summer we will be able to have a fairy trail walk community event. 

Week 6: Package Pick Up Saturday, June 27 for the Week of July 6-10
**Special Note! Due to the Holiday, pick up for these packages will be one week early

G’Day Mates (sorry, we had to!).  Our themes this week explore the wild and wonderful worlds of Australia and New Zealand.  Separated by the Tasman Sea, each island nation holds incredibly diverse plant and wildlife as well as deep-seated cultural heritage.  Australia and NZ are outstandingly beautiful, full of incredible birds, crocodiles, and kiwi birds.  But their beauty is FRAGILE and we, as citizens of the world, must help to protect them. In learning a bit about each nation, we can begin to see the importance of their existence.  Come join us Down Under for a very special exploration of Australia and NZ!!

Package #11 Australia 

Our Australian adventure begins with exploring the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s Natural Wonders.  Campers will then be treated to a look inside the lives of Australia’s best-known marsupial, the beloved Koala.

Package #12 New Zealand 

Our second theme is New Zealand, a magical island full of unusual varieties of birds, stunning mountains, and the Maori people, an indigenous group central to New Zealand’s identity. 

Week 7: Package Pick Up Saturday, July 11 for the Week of July 13-17

Celebrating the Fiber Arts this week, we will answer questions like What can we use to weave?  What have people woven throughout history?  Where is the ART in weaving? Why is sewing sew important anyway?

Package #13 Weaving Art

For centuries, people have used a variety of materials and fibers to weave items that are both necessary (blankets, rope) and purely aesthetic.  The theme for this package centers around the fiber arts and using our hands to create something functional and beautiful.  Campers will be given the opportunity to explore different materials and techniques for weaving as well as exciting new ways of crafting 3-dimensional art!

Package #14 We’ve Got to Stitch Together – Sewing and String Art

Explore the power on a needle and thread and make your own treasure pouches and Macrame creations!

Week 8: Package Pick Up Saturday, July 11 for the Week of July 13-17

Mysterious creatures, brave explorers, and plunderous pirates are all included in this swashbuckling package series.  

Package #15 Mystical Mermaids

Our first theme unearths the history of the mythical mermaid and its ancient origins. Campers will have the chance to become underwater architects, designing a fantastic castle fit for a mermaid queen, as well as inventors, dreaming up their own mer-creatures. 

Package #16 Ocean Adventurers: Pirates and Explorers

Our second theme requires an adventurous spirit! Campers can create their own treasure maps, design and build a pirate ship, and finally, discover the vast importance of the Earth’s oceans and create a poster sharing their knowledge.

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