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Just one $80 contribution sends one child to camp

for one full week long session in the morning, or afternoon !

Dear Art Camp Supporter,

As you know, summer is right around the corner and we are gearing up for another season of Art Camp.  This year we will have 8 weeks of elementary programming on site, one week of Teen Camp on site, and a series of teen and family oriented workshops.  This all makes for a full summer of art opportunities for the children of our community.  We take great strides to ensure a level of excellence for our camp programs.  Campers are exposed to a whole world of art, art history, art appreciation, and art making. The children that come to our camp programs build memories and forge relationships that can last a life time.

As Education Director, the question I think I receive most frequently from parents looking to enrich their children’s lives and education through the arts is “Is there any financial assistance available for my child?”  Due to the generosity of our donors, for the past 4 years, I have been able to tell these families “Yes!  Your child can utilize a sponsorship to help reduce the cost to your family for camp programming”.  For many families, access to these sponsorships can literally mean the difference between attending camp or not.

In 2017, we received over 100 sponsorships for our Art Camp.  With each generous contribution, we were able to bring one child to camp for one week of programming.  Additionally, we were able to take our camp on the road to the Amesville Elementary School to provide a week of camp free of charge to the families of the campers.  This year, we are hopeful to see a repeat of this unprecedented generosity by our community and to be able to again serve Amesville and offer camp programming to other local schools as well.  We believe passionately in reaching out to our surrounding communities and serving the youth of our region with excellent arts programming, and we need help from donors like you to achieve these goals.  I would love to be able to contact the Elementary School Principals of Fed Hock and Nelsonville and ask them to host us for a week of Art Camp free of charge to their children’s families, if we meet our goal.

Lyn Stanton
Education Director/ Summer Art Camp Director

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