Eco-Conscious Natural Dyeing -With Kitchen Scraps!

“Embrace Imperfection”

Saturday, April 21st

1:00-5:00 PM

Catalog# B078

Cost:  $85 Non-Members – $75 Members

Subtle pinks.  Moody Greys.  Sunshine Yellow.  Deep Purple.

These are the colors your kitchen scraps can produce!  Surprised?  Come join me and explore how to apply color and pattern to fabric using food scraps.  Natural dye newbies and those with experience are both welcome.

“Immersion dye with coreopsis flowers”

create a swatch and recipe book to help you develop your natural dye practice at home.  You explore the range of colors that can be extracted from common kitchen scraps.   I will introduce several techniques on how to add pattern and depth to your naturally-dyed silk fabric.  An underlying theme will be how to make our artistic practices more eco-conscious in terms of toxicity along with water and resource use.   During the second half of the workshop, I will guide you through creating two scarves.  These wearable pieces of art will encourage you to experiment and expand on the colors and patterns you learned earlier in the day.   I hope you leave this workshop with an armful of fabric as well as enthusiastic confidence about how to adapt what you’ve learned to your own artistic practice.   See you there!

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Artist Bio

Susan Klemetti’s eco-conscious art is shaped by traditional fiber art techniques, a modern sense of styling, and an underlying ethic of sustainability.  She is a third generation fiber artist and learned traditional techniques like weaving, knitting, sewing, and dyeing from her mother and grandmother.   Her first artistic endeavors were collecting pokeberries and coreopsis for dying wool, making baskets from honeysuckle, making sculptures of mysterious rusty stuff abandoned in the woods, and shaping red clay from creek banks into pinch pots.  This early education in how people shape and are shaped by their local ecology inspired me to seek formal training in ecology and anthropology as an undergraduate (Wellesley ‘01) and graduate student (University of California, Davis ‘08).  This formal training and some intensive independent reading and practice have transformed the simple creations of childhood.   But, I continue to have a passion of creating art with weeds, yard waste, found objects, thrifted items, and lower impact fibers.   The uneven textures and found treasures give my work a sort of lived-in comfort like the edges of the cover of your favorite book.  Fabric dyed with natural dyes creates patterns and colors that shift subtly as the light changes throughout the day and natural colors always seem to harmonize with each other and their surroundings.  Overall, the combination often ends up being wonderful dynamic, welcoming, and calm.

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Mansfield Art Center (Mansfield, OH) Christmas Fair 2016, 2017

Art Access (Bexley, OH)  August 2017-January 2018

Art @43023 October 2107, September 2016, Christmas 2016, 2017 (Granville, OH)

Terra Gallery (Dublin, OH) October 2016-July 2017

Hit the Hop for Studios on High (Columbus, OH) Fall 2016

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