Private: #B239 Happy Hour @ Home – Q-Tip Trees

April 23, 2020

This previously scheduled workshop has been moved online.

group trees for LGL.jpg

Stay home and join Lyn for a fun filled evening of painting and creativity.  You will learn how to use the humble q-tip to create an impasto style colorful tree painting!  This simple technique can be applied to loads of painting ideas.  in this online workshop, Lyn will walk you through the steps of making a painting like the samples above.

You will need:

  • -A canvas/canvas board/Mixed media paper* – At least 9×12 inches (16x 20 is a great size!)
  • -Acrylic paint- Doesn’t need to be very expensive, a basic kit will be great.
  • -Paint brushes in a variety of sizes.
  • -Paint pallet- you can use ANYTHING, an egg carton, an old cookie tray covered in wax paper, I like to use a paper plate.
  • -Water bucket- yogurt containers are the BEST!
  • -rag (old t-shirts or dish towels work great)
  • Make sure you prepare your space to be accident ready.  What if your cat knocks your paint on the floor?

*If paper is what you have, it needs to be for mixed media.  It means it can handle wet paint without falling apart.  You can also improvise and use a piece of cardboard like from an amazon package or cereal box, or it you have it, a piece of wood.  Get creative!  Just make sure to prepare the surface if it’s paper or cardboard, i.e, with a coat of gesso or even just a layer of white acrylic before you start.

You can also purchase supplies online or at your local stores.  We recommend and amazon.  Here is a Happy Hour Painting suggested materials List from

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