Private: #B277 Community Studios: Tiny Bird Baths!

July 11, 2020

Saturday, July 11
Online instruction – Pick up materials, return to the barn for firing.
Instructor: Lyn Stanton

How it will Work:

Step One: Participants will be able to pick up clay and very simple tools the day before the workshop or the afternoon of the workshop.  People will get their materials in a labeled box that they will need to keep as they will return their work in the same box to be fired, then use it a third time to pick up their completed work. Materials will be prepared ahead of time by staff wearing gloves and masks.

Step 2: Then, from 2:00 – 4:00, Participants will be able to log into an online meeting where Lyn will demonstrate the making process and talk about what kinds of clay objects can go I the kiln and which ones cannot regarding thickness and structure.

Participants can take their materials home for the workshop, or remain at the Barn provided the weather is favorable and stake out space outside.  Staying at the barn is recommended so pieces can be returned while they are still wet and more resistant to breaking!  If going home, pieces will need to be returned On Tuesday, July 14th before 5:00 pm.

*Outside Safety Rules: 1st come, first occupy.
We ask that our participants practice social distancing.  Tables will be available on the patio and family groups can sit at the same tables but must stay apart from other groups.  Participants are welcome to spread out on the grounds as well, in the herb garden, the creek across the street, the front yard, anywhere safe and comfortable.

Participants will join via their mobile devices if at the barn (if close enough to the building folks may use our wi-fi.  The range typically covers the patio.) or on their home computers.

Step 3: Participants will bring their pieces back to the Barn lobby to be received by Lyn either right after the workshop from 4:00-5:00pm, or on the following Tuesday, July 14th or in their box along with any tools or left overglaze.  Pieces will get fired in the kiln, then Lyn will add some blue glass shards and the pieces again.  The glass will melt and should look like water in the bowls!  The pieces should be twice fired and ready for pick up 2 weeks later on the 28th of July.


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