Past Happy Hour Paintings

NOTE: We are skipping the month of March 2018

Fantasy Cats


April 19th

For those cat lovers out there, this is the Happy Hour for you.  Inspired by contemporary Russian painter Irina Usacheva we will create our own whimsical “Fantasy Cats”.  You can make your kitties in any color scheme you want and maybe throw a dog, a bunny, a gerbil, or whatever your favorite little friend may be in there too!

Jelly Fish!


May 24th (4th Thursday)

Lets Face it.  Jellyfish might be the weirdest and coolest critters on the planet.  Let’s paint them!  We’ll make deep sea backgrounds then use lighter colors to create these gorgeous paintings.  Get creative with your colors and remember, jellies come in all shapes and sizes, so there is really no wrong way to paint one!

“Dream a Little Dream of Me”


June 21st

Stars fading, and I linger on dear… For this Painting activity, we will get our Zen on as we paint mandala style dream catchers with flowey feathers and possible add some words of wisdom to keep us contemplative as we enjoy our creations in our homes for years to come.

Advanced payment required.  Registration Deadline: June 14th.

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(Online payment doubles as registration! You will be sent a confirmation email).

A Light In The Dark


January 18th

The Holidays are over and the long winter nights are taking hold.  Let’s let our imaginations create a light in the dark as we create these lovely lampposts in the snow.  Whether it makes you think of chilly night walks in the snow, or if you’re like me and have been checking every attic you have ever been in for a magic wardrobe, these paintings are sure to light up your night  inspire you to shine!

Advanced payment required.  Registration Deadline: January 12th.

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(Online payment doubles as registration! You will be sent a confirmation email).

November 16th

“Ugly Sweaters”


Own the winter holidays this year!  Be the object of envy at every holiday party.  Bring a sweater or vest and use our delightfully gaudy collection of truly tacky treasures to adorn your sweater with Holiday Cheer.  We will have iron-on printables, felt that can be cut into any shape you like and attached, ribbons, pom poms, puffy paints, and even some sew-able LED’s!  This is the perfect workshop to do with some friends or co-workers before the slew of office parties and other holiday gatherings commence.  Join us and puffy paint and applique your way to ostentatiously hideous tacky glory!

Cost: $25.00

To sign up, just submit advance payment through our online gallery shop.

September 21st 2017

“Feelin’ Good Dragonflies “


Have some wine, and feel good while you make beautiful dragonflies and reflect on how like the insect world’s fastest flyers, this summer just zoomed by. Registration and payment will be available September 5th. 

2017 August 17th 

“Hot Town, Summer In The City”


Start with a gorgeous sky full of color, maybe double up to make a mirror effect, then add simple geometric forms to create a city-scape all your own.  This simple idea can be as austere or as lavishly complex as you choose.  A very flexible subject and great for beginners!

Registration and payment will be available online on July 21st.

 July 20th


“Zen Mandalas”


Mix your favorite colors for a lovely background, and let your hands and mind wander in circles for this relaxing painting project.  A little wine makes for a very Zen evening!

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June 15th 



“The View From Below”


Take a dive into your imagination as you create a beautiful underwater scene.  Perhaps in your sea swim some peaceful sea turtles, or maybe you have sharks looming in the shallows.  Who knows, maybe your underwater world is populated by mermaids!  Whimsical and so easy, this Happy Hour Art Project is sure to be a “deep” experience!

6112c5647242a94c4d7da52ad24eae57May 18th



“May Flowers”

This Happy Hour is FULL!


Celebrate the fact Spring is in full swing with these fun, larger than life flowers!


April 20th


Silhouettes of Life

It’s Earth Week!  Celebrate the life on this planet with a beautiful silhouette!  Lyn will provide some stencils of animal shapes to help you out should you feel the need.  You’ll start by making a beautiful sunrise or sunset sky and then add an animal silhouette.  Your backgrounds can be any color.  These are the perfect images to brighten up a space in your home.




March 16th



“The March of Wines”

#B032  This event s full!

For this month’s Happy Hour Painting Event, we will have a little more hands on approach with a step by step process to help participants get a result they won’t want to whine about!

fcc29f89697c0b76bc96a9f8ba7dd326February 16th



“February is for Lovers”



We just missed Valentines Day, but love is still in the air.  Come put your love where your brush is and join us in making these adorable love bird paintings!

January 19th



“You Could be Swinging on a Winter Breeze” -FULL!


The weather outside may be frightful, but the Dairy Barn’s Happy Hour is delightful!  In this session, we will get in touch with our whimsical side as we paint lovely colorful skies and trees with creative branches.  We will add swings upon which may swing whatever or whomever we desire!


December 15th 2016
“Snow Man”


Get into the season with these festive and surprisingly easy snow man paintings.  Think about the colors you want as these will be the perfect seasonal decorations for your homes!

December 8th 20165e7a41fc1cdd6437f2c13adf1c354bf2

Cheersfully Painted”

Painting Wine Glasses and Making Wine Glass Charms

picUsing super cool glass paints, we will paint on wine glasses to add a personal touch to our holiday refreshments!  Each participant will receive two wine glasses to paint and be able to make accompanying wine charms (at least one per glass).  Extra glasses to paint can be purchased for an additional $5.oo each.  The glass paints will need to be heat treated in you oven atchristmas2011winecharmsclos home for long lasting durability.  Don’t worry, it’s not hard and Lyn will give you instructions.  Once treated, they should last for years to come, (hand wash recommended).

* NOTE: This is an adult workshop and wine/spirits will be served.  Children are welcome at the discretion of their guardians.  Please be aware that as this is an adult activity, the Barn can not be responsible for the behavior or other participants regarding conversation subject matter.

white-treesNovember 17th 2016misty_forest_by_romysalvatore-d50bbj7

“The Forrest for the Trees”


The leaves have fallen but the snow is yet to come.  The Forrest in November is a quiet, strange place.  It’s residents have mostly retreated into burrows and the hum of insects has been retired.  In this Happy Hour Painting, Lyn will show how to use analogous colors to create depth for these chilly, cool color paintings.



 October 20th 2016

“Le Chat Noir De Halloween”


This famous image is by the French Art Nouveau painter and print maker Théophile Alexandre Steinlen.  This enchanting image was a poster for a famous late 19th century Parisian bohemian district night club “Le Chat Noir” or, “The Black Cat”.  The club was extremely popular in the artist community and is argued to be the first real cabaret!  In this Happy Hour Painting, we will adapt the image to advertise our own spooky season’s greetings drawing on the print making style.


September 15th 2016

“Seeds of Summer”


As the summer draws to a close, let’s reflect on the natural world and the incredible cycle of life around us as we create beautiful and individual dandelion images.  We will begin by painting colorful backgrounds and then add dandelion puff balls blowing in the breeze.  Don’t forget to make a wish!  What better way to wind down the summer?

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