Skein Contest Registration



  1. A maximum of two entries per class will be accepted per entrant.
  2. Each skein must be a minimum of one yard in circumference and tied loosely in two places in a figure eight.
  3. Each skein should weigh a minimum of two ounces for medium and bulky; and one ounce for fine.
  4. No commercial yarn except for Category D.
  5. On grounds entries will be accepted Saturday starting at 8:00am – 11:00am.
  6. Entry fee: $3.00/skein. Entry forms, one for each skein, are to be filled out prior to registration.
  7. Judging will take place Saturday at 12:30 pm.
  8. HANDSPUN YARN categories:


Category A: Singles not plied at least 50% Sheep Wool. List fibers on entry.

Class F: fine

Class M: medium

Class B: bulky


Category B: Two or more plies spun into a traditional yarn at least 50% Sheep Wool. List Fibers on entry.

Class F: fine plied

Class M: medium plied

Class B: bulky plied


Category C: Spinners choice of fiber and ply. List fibers on entry.


Category D: Novelty yarn: boucle, knot, spiral, slub, cable; spinner choice. A commercial yarn with a handspun yarn may be used for this class. Identify the commercial on entry.

Category E: Novice spinner: spinning one year or less: single or plied, at least 50% Sheep Wool.


List fibers on entry.


To help determine which class of fine, medium, or bulky your skein belongs, a yarn sample chart will be available at check-in.

HINT FOR ENTERING SKEIN: Spin fiber, wash skein, after drying RE-SKEIN yarn and tie LOOSELY in figure eight in two places. Do NOT wind into a tight skein prior to entering. Cash will be awarded in each class as follows: First place: $5.00; Second place; $4.00; Third place $3.00.  Ribbons awarded 1st – 3rd place.

Skeins may be picked up on Sunday beginning at 2 pm and must be picked up no later than 4 pm through the check-out committee. If you would like your skein returned by mail, please supply a pre-paid addressed envelope when entering.

Entrants may bring other skeins they have spun and offer them for sale.  They must be tagged with owner’s name and the sale price.  15% of the sale will be donated to the Dairy Barn.  No tax will be charged, that will be the responsibility of the seller.  Unsold skeins must be picked up at the same time as the competition skein(s).

The Dairy Barn will NOT be responsible for loss or damage. A responsible person will be attending the skein tables during show hours and will handle all sales.

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