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Logan Woodle
Chaddock & Morrow Gallery – Located at The Dairy Barn Arts Center
On View January 19 – March 10
A reception will be held on January 19, from 6-8 pm alongside OH+5.

In Uproot I present generations of stories about a single place with the goal of showing how that place shapes, and is shaped by, the people who live on it. This land, my family’s farm for 8 generations, has been a subsistence farm, a bombing range, fallow ground, and a sand mine. The individual narratives of the work, when layered, address topics as simple as pride and joy but also as complex as generational wealth, climate change, and racism. These stories are illustrated through the abstraction and compression of representational narrative elements into absurd and complex forms. Each one of the works, isolated on a single pedestal, allows the viewer to start finding overlapping meanings as they begin to draw relationships between the constellation of sculptures. The work also extracts meaning from the materials with which it is made. The primary components of each sculpture are forged, formed, and hammered pewter and sterling silver. Pewter, widely considered a material for the poor and middle class by the metalsmithing community, is traditionally kept far away from more valued materials. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is viewed as precious and clean. In the fields of metalsmithing and antiques the two materials are kept separate, a holdout from antiquated ideas of hierarchy and material functionality. By forcing these materials together through the physicality of hammering and welding I am able to directly address the interface of white and blue-collar society as I document a landscape and a family that moves back and forth between these classes. By presenting viewers with images of the changing agrarian South in all its paradoxical glory, I hope to build a common language between the farmer and the artist, blue and white-collar, those who society sees and those it ignores.

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