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Quilt National ’25 Juror

Martha Sielman is the Executive Director of Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (SAQA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing art quilting as a fine art medium. As SAQA’s Executive Director, Martha has witnessed the explosive growth of art quilting, as well as growing interest in art quilts as a legitimate and collectible fine art medium. Over the past nineteen years of Sielman’s leadership, SAQA’s membership has grown to more than 4,400 members in 32 countries. 

Sielman is the author of 10 books about art quilts, most recently publishing “Stitched Journeys with Birds: Inspiration to Let Your Creativity take Flight” (Schiffer 2023). She is also a co-author of “Art Quilts Unfolding: 50 Years of Innovation” (Schiffer 2018) and the editor for “Exploring Art Quilts with SAQA, volumes 1-3 (Schiffer 2020-2022). She is the sole author for “Masters: Art Quilts, Volumes 1 and 2” (Lark Books, 2008; 2011), “Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World,” “Art Quilt Portfolio: People and Portraits” (Lark 2012; 2013), and “Art Quilts International: Abstract & Geometric” (Schiffer 2016).  

Sielman earned a bachelor’s degree at Swarthmore College and a master’s degree in museum education at Bank Street School of Education. She lives in Amston, Connecticut with her husband and two cats.