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People’s Choice

Quilt National ’15 People’s Choice Award

Visitors to Quilt National National in Athens have the opportunity to vote for their favorite quilt. The top voter getters are listed in alphabetical order. The winner of the People’s Choice Award, the artist who received the most votes by the time the show closed in Athens, was Barbara Hartman. She received an award of $150.


Artist and Title Image of the quilt
Barbara Oliver Hartman Autumn Afternoon Hartman_AutumnAfternoon_43x45

Other artists receiving a large number of votes are shown below.

Artist and Title Image of the quilt
Deidre Adams Disruption AdamsDeidre_Disruption
Mary Arnold Grandma Maude  Arnold_Grandma Maude_56x45
Shannon M. Conley Peering out of the Darkness Conley_PeeringOutoftheDarkness_50x42
Jayne Gaskins Memories Gaskins_Memories_24x40
Shoko Hatano Cosmos #7  Hatano_Cosmos7_58x77
Kathleen Loomis Entropy Loomis_Entropy_71x86
Janet Windsor Crumbling  Windsor_Crumbling_55x25