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Exhibiting/Visiting Artist Program

Visiting Artist Exhibitors add value to our exhibitions and encourage people to visit the Barn from further distances by providing a range of available activities.  Not only can they come see art in a gallery, but they can participate in the art making process, learn new skills along side a professional artist, hear lectures about the field and much more.  The goal of the visiting artist program is to create multiple days of activities that visitors to the Barn can participate in.  In this way, we can expose a wider audience to our gallery shows and make visiting the Dairy Barn an immersive arts experience.

We would like for this program to showcase our Ceramics, Fiber Arts, and Digital Arts studios, but do not have to be limited to those corresponding media.  Applicants are not limited to current exhibitors, but we are looking for artists whose work and skill sets coincide with exhibitions.  For example, for Quilt National 2019, we will want fiber artists who have either exhibited in QN in the past, or who are active in the contemporary art quilt scene, in addition to artists who have work in that exhibit.  In offering this program, it is our goal to make teaching a workshop at the Dairy Barn something we can offer to wide variety of Artists and compensate them fairly for their valuable time and sharing of their skills.

Artists interested in applying for the Exhibiting/Visiting Artist Program will need to carefully read and then fill out and submit the following proposal form.  There are more details about this program in the form.