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Exhibition Proposals


Complete the Exhibit Proposal Form
Please send completed proposal forms to

The Dairy Barn Arts Center is now accepting exhibition proposals for the 2017 / 2018 calendar year. After a successful renovation to the premises, the DBAC now has an additional gallery space that will be open to proposals from artists of all types. Our goal is to create a season of exhibitions that consist of a balanced mix of solo and group exhibitions that showcase a wide variety of approach, style, media etc.

The exhibition programming at The Dairy Barn Arts Center aims to nurture and promote contemporary artists from our region, as well as national and international artists. The Sauber Gallery, on the main floor of our facility, features four main exhibitions each year that draw over 8,000 gallery patrons from all over the world. We are most recognized for our biennial juried exhibitions: Athens Voices and OH+5, which alternate in the winter sessions.  Quilt National and a changing summer exhibition alternate in the summer sessions. In addition to juried exhibitions, we also organize and produce other curated, juried, and invitational exhibitions. Our most notable exhibition, Quilt National tours to host venues nationally and internationally for two years following its close at The Dairy Barn Arts Center.

The museum-quality gallery is made up of 638 square feet. The total running wall length is approximately 29’ x 22’ feet, all being 9 feet height. All exhibit spaces are track-lit. Artists will not be responsible for installation unless special needs are required.

The DBAC gallery spaces are open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from 12-5pm. Exhibitions will be up for 1 month at a time. Artists submitting a proposal must pay a $25 submission fee, click here.  Proposals may suggest a gallery or indicate the need for a specific type of space. We encourage you to stop by and look at the spaces before you submit a proposal.

The hours of operation are 9-5pm Monday through Friday, and the gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 11-5pm, Thursday 11-8pm, and Sat./Sun. 12-5pm. Beginning in November-May, the Dairy Barn will be closed on Mondays. Artists accepted are welcome to host a reception for their show, and will be responsible for their own food. The DBAC has a cash bar that can be open for such events.

Four Gallery spaces
1) “End of the Barn” Gallery (old gallery shop)
2) Multi-Purpose Room (framed pieces only)
3) Hiftery Silo Gallery (framed pieces only)
4) Second Floor Loft Gallery

Outdoor Installations: We have 32 acres of woods, a beautiful front and rear lawn off the site where the Dairy Barn Arts Center is located. We will accept outdoor installations, but we cannot insure these.

Holzer Community Gallery: You may submit up to 12 pieces for consideration. To apply for a small installation at the Holzer Clinic Community Gallery, please contact Holly Ittel, exhibitions manager at Works at Holzer are up for 2 months. (Framed, 2D works only)

Types of Proposals: – Solo exhibitions – Group exhibitions – Curatorial projects

Eligibility: Anyone can submit a proposal. Artists should maintain a consistent and strong body of work when creating a proposal.

Media / Genre: The DBAC is open to all traditional and non-traditional media.

Delivery / Return of Work: Artists MUST cover the cost to transport artworks to and from the gallery. The artist is responsible for all shipping costs. All work selected must be ready to install. Works that are not gallery-ready differ significantly from submitted images, or show poor craftsmanship can be disqualified. Work may be shipped or hand delivered. Artwork should be shipped in a substantial, reusable container. The DBAC is not responsible for damage due to incorrect packing or an insufficient container. All artwork will be handled with care and returned in the original packing material. The artist is responsible for notifying the DBAC in writing a change of address. The DBAC will not accept personal checks or cash for return shipping. A printed return label from the shipper is preferred and should be provided before the close of the exhibition or in shipped box(es). Please keep a record of the size and weight of your box(es) for this purpose.

Insurance: The DBAC cannot insure any artwork for an amount in excess of 65% of its fair market value, and reserves the right to limit the amount of insurance coverage on a particular piece. In the event of loss or damage, it will be the artist’s responsibility to provide documentation concerning the value of the artwork and the extent of the claim. Insurance values will be in effect for as long as the artwork is part of the exhibition.

Sales: Artists whose artwork is not for sale (NFS) must write NFS. In the event of a sale, the artist will be paid 65% of the retail price listed on this form. The DBAC will retain a 35% commission on artwork sold during the exhibition at the DBAC. An artwork identified as FOR SALE (e.g. with an established retail price in U.S. Dollars) must maintain that status for as long as it is part of the active collection. Artists are also invited to sell works in the Gallery Shop. In the event that the artist sells work in the Gallery Shop, the DBAC will retain a 35% commission on any sold work.

Images: The DBAC accepts only digital images/files for consideration. See specifications below. The DBAC reserves the right to reproduce and distribute the images through print and electronic media for promotion of the exhibition and exhibitors. Submission CDs will not be returned. emailed entries strongly preferred, online form is required)

Digital Format: Digital images can be submitted by email or CD (send to Images submitted through email are highly preferred, as it makes our job more efficient. Entry images must meet the following specifications:

File Naming: All entry files regardless of media must be named with the artist’s last name, underscore, first name, underscore, title of the work (i.e. Doe_Jane_Title.jpg). Please do NOT include any other information on the file name.

Detail, installation or alternate view images must include the word detail in the file name (i.e. Doe_Jane_Title_Detail1.jpg). Any images without the word DETAIL will be counted as an additional entry or discounted.

Image files should be high quality JPG format, and no smaller than 1000 pixels in any direction (13”) and 72 dpi.

Images should be oriented properly (top of image is top of artwork) and should not include text or borders that are not part of the actual work.

VIDEO, MOTION OR INTERACTIVE works should be submitted by providing a viewable online link, shown in its full length (YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox etc.). A JPG image should still be provided to represent the entry, and the title should include the term ‘video.’

By submitting, you agree to the terms and conditions of the entry and exhibition. You agree to make the work submitted available to the DBAC and that you will ship/deliver it to the DBAC should you be selected for exhibition.