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Mapping Your Memories

Thursday, March 26 at 4:00 pm

MAPPING YOUR MEMORIES, a workshop based on drawing a floor plan of a favorite place you have lived, “walk” around the obstacles that often distract us or otherwise prevent us from tapping into the inner roots of “feel-good” writing.

As writers, many of us tend to write from a place of trauma, anxiety, insecurity or pain; our own or someone else’s. This workshop is designed to guide the writer through the spaces of a hand-drawn floor plan, using the “sensory” technique and brief periods of meditation, to focus on capturing the energy of specific spaces, seek experiences in which each of us was/were/are most contented and safe; to clear our minds of negative thoughts and make space for good memories. This technique is a great addition to the toolbox. Think metaphor, think rhythm, think taste, touch, smell, sound as each of us expresses, through a series of free writing exercises, what we “see” as we explore actual spaces from our past.

For those who are willing, we will share pieces and parts of what we have written before we close out the workshop.