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Pat Pauly

“Just be creative!” is often said and encouraged. Well, designing from thin air is extremely difficult! This workshop reveals tips, ideas, and techniques used for starting from scratch for original works. From small studies, to full scale patterns, Pat Pauly uses various ways to design and construct art quilts. We’ll use methods for starting from nothing, to how to read a sketch for design, and learning how to scale up. Bring your notebooks, try some design exercises, and take away more than a dozen ideas for kick starting original contemporary art quilts. Participants finish with a small work generated from one exercise. 
Pat Pauly Bio: 
A sought-after lecturer and teacher in contemporary fiber arts, Pat Pauly shares her wealth of knowledge from decades of working in design. Recognized nationally and internationally, her work evokes natural forms that are bold and graphic. Her award-winning art quilts have been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions. Her workshops focus on design and technique, as well as when to apply the rules, and when to toss them out. Pat Pauly’s studio is in Rochester, New York.