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Theodore A. Maringer – Quilt National ’23 Teaching Artist

Theodore Maringer began sewing in 1994. Prior to working with fiber, he worked with clay, creating mosaics and pottery. Sewing and working with fibers became his main focus when he worked as a sales associate for Husqvarna Viking, eventually leading to managing a corporate store in Ohio. When working, he enjoyed teaching his customers how best to use the machines they purchased and running sewing demonstrations, including machine embroidery. During this time he began networking with local quilters and creating art quilts.

Maringer’s art has always had a tactile component which led him to work with Tyvek®, a DuPont product. Painting the Tyvek® and heat distressing it created many interesting unique pieces to touch and look at. While working with Tyvek®, he started experimenting with embroidering on fiberglass screens, a much more industrial material unlike conventional cotton most people embroider on. Working with the screen is Maringer’s main interest in his current body of work. His current work can be viewed at