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Art We Use

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Prize Winners

Prize Winners will be announced at the opening for the following prizes:

      • Best of Show – Logan Woodle Low on the Hog Series
      • 3 Juror’s Awards – Robbie Lobell Flameproof Cookware Series, Sarah Mizer Glass Wallpaper No. 1: Virginia’s Executive Mansion, Brent Skidmore Entropy: as described in the Landscape of Love-table
      • Best Use of Materials – Briana Babani Ripple Pendant Lamp
      • Best Environmental Statement – Penny Mateer Mighty Grip
      • Emerging Artist Under 30 Years – Hans Gottsacker Game Par Excellence
      • Eminent Artist Over 70 Years – Chris Lang Mother Nature’s Chair
      • Honorable Mentions: Byron Conn Calligraphy Stool, Madeline Salsich Antares (tea infuser), Elizabeth Keller Penjing Tea #4 (“fused trunk”) with 3 cups, Paula Singleton Not So Vanilla Swirl hat, Paul Eshelman Handled Soup Bowls, Emily Dvorin Cellular, Danny Crump High Life, Dorothy McGuiness Jazz, Xiaomiao Wang Blue and White Bowl, Robert Griffith Red Table, and Maggy Rozycki Hiltner Triple Hearts

Jurors for Art We Use

Craig Nutt is a studio furniture maker and sculptor, whose work is in numerous museum collections including the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum, the High Museum of Art, the Mobile Museum of Art and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.. He was a founding board member of the Furniture Society and former Executive Director of the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists. He currently serves as Director of Programs for CERF+.

Craig’s Statement:

The Dairy Barn is well-known nationally for its themed survey exhibitions such as Works in Wood and Quilt National. The latest offering, Art We Use, is especially timely. After many years of sculptural work occupying the craft spotlight, functional work is once again moving to center stage.

There is a long history of functional objects such as teapots walking the line between utility and sculpture. Contemporary quilts are most often intended for display on the wall rather than to be used as a bed covering. Not wishing to be overly-dogmatic about utility, the jurors for Art We Use nevertheless agreed that the selected objects, if not functional in the strictest sense, should each have a discernible connection to function or a history of use.

The work selected ranged from straightforward utilitarian pottery, some of which would be equally at home at the MOMA Design Store, to “glass wallpaper” that references historical wall coverings – and everything between. Some of the most engaging works are not only functional, but also comment on their function. For others, function serves as a conceptual underpinning or as a springboard into a sculptural form. The fact that artists would interpret the exhibition theme both literally and subversively is no surprise. I would expect no less.

Jennifer Poellot Harnetty graduated from Ohio University in 1996 with a B.A. in English Literature and minor in studio arts. Harnetty worked in communications at the Ohio Arts Council prior to becoming assistant editor, and later associate editor, of Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated magazines. Currently, she is the managing editor of, a respected resource for ceramic artists with more than 85,000 registered users from around the world, as well as the online home of Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated. In addition, she developed and now manages the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, a growing collection of instructional videos for ceramic artists. Also a potter, she has been working with clay for more than 13 years.

Jennifer’s Statement:

“As the editor of a ceramic arts website, the artwork I see on a daily basis runs the gamut from strictly functional pottery to conceptual installation pieces. But I must say that I expected the former to make up the bulk of the entries to this exhibition. As is evident in the works presented here, I was mistaken. It was a pleasant surprise to see the wide range of interpretations of the idea of “Art We Use.” This lead to interesting conversations amongst the jurors on what constitutes utilitarian art. I hope that the resulting exhibition reveals that the answer is happily ambiguous.

Many potters, myself included, make functional work to celebrate everyday rituals such as sharing a meal with family and friends. I feel that this type of art has as much value as its more conceptual counterparts, and the high caliber of functional art in this exhibition reflects this. However, it was refreshing to see that there is room for different forms of “useful” to coexist. For example, ordinary objects such as jar openers and reflective tape are repurposed into a cautionary weaving on the dangers of human overconsumption, and intentionally impractical wallpaper made of gold-leafed glass questions power, status, and legacy. Pieces, such as these, which stretched the definition of utilitarian art, are reminders that by its very definition, all art is useful.”

Paul W. Richelson, Chief Curator, has been on the staff of the Mobile Museum of Art for 20 years. Formerly he was Chief Curator at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and Assistant Director and Curator at the Trisolini Gallery at Ohio University. (PhD and MFA-Art History, Princeton University; BA-History, Yale University) His particular interests are in contemporary prints and drawings, but he has helped to develop the Mobile Museum of Art’s contemporary studio glass, ceramic and wood art collections.

Paul’s Statement:

First off, let me make it clear, I am a believer, a convert. Years ago after several moves, I could see that my collecting passions needed to be curtailed and I decided that the art I bought henceforth, I had to be able to use. Oh, yes, there have been relapses, but when approached to be a juror for this exhibition; I was excited at the prospects of seeing what a project with this theme might reveal about how todays artists approach this challenge. The artists who submitted clearly rose to the occasion often stretching concept the “Useful”, but that is what made the experience of selection so enjoyable. To all those marvelous creative talents who make possible the daily experience of living with functional beauty I offer my congratulations.



Brian Alloway Athens OH
Liz  Alpert Fay Sandy Hook CT
Briana Babani Austin TX
Lee Badger Hedgesville WV
Lisa Belsky Columbus OH
Fay Bomberg Evanston IL
Mike Bowen Huntington WV
Bob Bruch Cleveland OH
Bryon Conn West Henrietta NY
Daniel Cook Huntington WV
Danny Crump Athens OH
Theresa Devine Phoenix AZ
Rick Duff Athens OH
Ray Duffey Indianapolis IN
Emily Dvorin Kentfield CA
Paul Eshelman Elizabeth IL
Zach Felts Bloomington IN
Brian Ferrell Jeannette PA
Stuart Gair Hudson OH
Xia Gao Okemos MI
Jenny Gawronski Alamosa CO
Pam Geisel Yellow Springs CO
Hans Gottsacker Madison WI
Robert Griffith Hallstead PA
Tyler Gulden Walpole ME
Molly Johnson Cicero IN
Jean Judd Cushing WI
Rachel Kanter Montclair NJ
Ann Keister Grand Rapids MI
Elizabeth Keller Conway SC
Ashley Kim San Diego CA
Mike Korsak Pittsburgh PA
Qicheng Kuang Columbus OH
Chris Lang Newark OH
Lauren Kearns Loveland CO
John Lefelhocz Athens OH
Hsin-Chen Lin Tainan City TW
Robbie Lobell Coupeville WA
Kari Lonning Ridgefield CT
Peter Malinoski Hyattsville MD
Penny Mateer Pittsburgh PA
Dorothy McGuiness Everett WA
Amy Meltzer Cambridge MA
Sarah Mizer Richmond VA
 Patricia Nelson  Grand Rapids MI
Bonilyn Parker Juneau AK
James Probst Hamlin WV
Maggy Rozycki Hiltner Red Lodge MT
Shana Salaff Fort Collins CO
Madeline Salsich San Fransisco CA
Tammy Schweinhagen Pittsburgh PA
Lindsay Scypta Ashland OH
Paula Singleton Fairlawn OH
Brent Skidmore Asheville NC
Aaron Smith Nelsonville OH
Liz Zlot Summerfield Bakersville NC
Susan Syddall Bolton Lancashire GB
Iren Tete Columbia MO
Cynthia Tinapple Worthington OH
James Tingey Dallas TX
Tatiana Van Iten Hanover IN
Regina Vorgang Ventura CA
Tim Waldrop Macomb IL
Xiaomiao Wang Weatherford OK
John Wiliams Renick WV
Kimberly Winkle Smithville TN
Michael Woodle Conway SC

Many Thanks to the organizations, businesses and individuals that helped make this exhibition possible.

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