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Athens Paints

Athens_paints postcard

February 28- March 29, 2014

Athens Paints featured artists working with paint who have lived, worked or studied in Athens, past and present.  Special thanks to the Kennedy Museum of Art for loaning some important works.  This exhibition was co-curated by Lyntha Eiler and Gary Kirksey.

Athens Paints Artists:

Harriet Anderson

Robert Borchard

David Callahan

June Carver Roberts

Mary Chamberlain

Rachel Clark

Margaret Dewey

Julie Dummermuth

Chris Eaton

Aethelred Eldridge

Erik Forrest

Terry Fortkamp

Mateo Galvano

Steve Gray

Georgia Hall Bush

David Hostetler

John Kortlander

William Kortlander

Ron Kroutel

David LaPalombara

Lynn Last

Dana Loomis

Wendy Minor Viny

Pappy Mitchell

Dwight Mutchler

Robert E. Peppers

Gary Pettigrew

Pandy Reiser

Jeff Risner

Donald Roberts

John Sabraw

Barbara Sheriff Kostohryz

Ellen Smith

Murray Stern

Lisa Villamil

Sue Wall

Edna Way

Jim Weaver

Patricia Westfall

Keith Wilde

Patrice Wolf

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