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Quilt National Committee

The Dairy Barn Arts Center announces a new Quilt National committee to advise on the program’s community engagement, diversity and inclusion, and future jury selection, among other initiatives. The seven-person advisory committee includes members from three countries.

Members of the committee are Rachel Ivy Clarke, Marvin Fletcher, Denise Harrison, Barbara Lange, Gul Laporte, Carolyn Mazloomi, and Linda Teufel. These individuals were selected to serve on the committee based on their involvement in the fiber arts community and their commitment to the committee’s goals. 

“Developing the arts is not only about creating new artistic expressions that will appeal to a modern audience, it is also necessary to explore the audience itself. By doing so, we can come up with new ideas on how audiences can be engaged – via the internet, catalogs, exhibition formats, and more. Since its founding, The Dairy Barn has been a leading figure and lighthouse in this respect, and the committee strives to continue the tradition of evolution and development.” said Barbara Lange.

The group aims to increase the number of first-time Quilt National submitters by expanding outreach through increased accessibility, new marketing strategies, and collaborations with partnering organizations.

Within the first three months of existence, the committee translated the Quilt National ‘23 prospectus into five languages (French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish), began planning for the production of the next Quilt National exhibition catalog, and reviewed proposed prospectus changes for the 2025 biennial. Next steps include future jury selections, and outreach efforts for the upcoming call for entry, beginning on May 1, 2022.

To contact the committee and program director, email

To contact the committee and program director, email