On Tour

Miriam Nathan-Roberts
Spin Cycle, Best in Show, Quilt National ’99

Each Quilt National collection tours for approximately two years following the closing of the exhibition at The Dairy Barn in Athens. The Dairy Barn is the only venue where you can see the entire piece collection.

Quilt National has been touring since 1983! View the past venues here.

Quilt National ’21 is now available for tour bookings. For information about hosting a Quilt National ’21 touring collection, contact the Dairy Barn by sending e-mail to exhibtions@dairybarn.org.

Fossil by Gabriel Paquin, Persistence Pays Award, Quilt National ’19

Quilt National 19 on Tour

Final Stop:

1/18/21 – 4/8/21


Collection A
Holter Museum of Art
Helena, Montana

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