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Quilt (R)Evolution


Quilt (R)Evolution: Art Quilt Retrospective 1979-2014

September 20-November 22, 2014
Dairy Barn Arts Center
Athens, Ohio


Quilt (R)Evolution: Art Quilt Retrospective 1979-2014 will be the last exhibition of 2014 celebrating The Dairy Barn Arts Center’s 35th Anniversary and the 100th Birthday of the barn. The inspiration for this exhibition was both to span the evolution of the art quilt over the period of Quilt National (which was first presented in 1979) and provides the viewer with a look at what some of the most prestigious art quilters who have served as our jurors for the past 19 biennial exhibitions are producing today. The Dairy Barn Arts Center has contacted all of the artist jurors from the 19 biennial Quilt National exhibitions and asked them to loan us a selection of their work. The works will represent a selection from their earliest works, a work representative of their work for the period that they were asked to serve as the Quilt National Juror, and a current work. There have been 34 individual jurors who were quilt artists over the duration of the show and 29 jurors will be represented in the retrospective exhibition.

Quilt (R)Evolution Artists

Liz Axford Ann Johnston
Sue Benner Gerhardt Knodel
Judi Warren Blaydon Libby Lehman
Tafi Brown Linda R. MacDonald
Elizabeth Busch Terrie Hancock Mangat
Linda Colsh Katie Pasquini Masopust
Judith Content Eleanor McCain
Nancy Crow Jan Myers-Newbury
Rosalie Dace Paula Nadelstern
Chris Wolf Edmonds Miriam Nathan-Roberts
Caryl Bryer Fallert Yvonne Porcella
Nancy Halpern Arturo Alonzo Sandoval
Tim Harding Joan Schulze
Wendy Huhn Nelda Warkentin
Michael James

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